Yet again, I’ve jumped at the chance to review Sally Lloyd Jones’ latest book. I want all of her books in our family collection!

To be quite honest with you though, before receiving Found, I wondered if I might find it a little redundant. You see, Found is Sally Lloyd-Jones’ paraphrase of Psalm 23, exactly as written in The Jesus Storybook Bible. Which we already have and love of course, but why own this separate copy? It’s even illustrated by Jago, the same illustrator.

Found: Psalm 23 by Sally Lloyd Jones, illustrated by Jago {Book Review}

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My hesitation about the book, however, was unfounded. I was pleased to discover that Found has merit of its own, apart from The Jesus Storybook Bible. It is definitely worth owning both!

First of all, it’s a board book, so the target audience is toddlers and not 4-8-year-olds. The text is spread out over 20 pages instead of the original 6, which obviously means there are more pictures. It does a great job of making the content more accessible to the littlest of listeners.


Sally Lloyd-Jones' new book, Found, makes Psalm 23 so very relatable to even the youngest of listeners


Speaking of illustrations, the artwork in Found is completely different than that of The Jesus Storybook Bible. Jago’s work here is in a different style, with both the sheep and the shepherd having a much more tender and soft look. The look on my own toddler’s face when she saw the illustrations was priceless — she looked like she just wanted to pick up the little lamb and snuggle him! The new illustrations are definitely more engaging and relatable, which is a great way to illustrate the relational theme between the shepherd and the sheep in Psalm 23.


Found: Psalm 23 by Sally Lloyd-Jones {Book Review}



As with all of Sally’s books, Found is written wonderfully. The text is lyrical and beautiful, the illustrations are outstanding, and both mama and child are quite pleased with it!

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