The timing for this review was just providential for me! My oldest has recently transitioned to writing in cursive but has finished up her handwriting workbook for the year — but she still needs a lot more practice to become proficient. Not wanting to make my own, I had checked out a couple of printable options for copywork. Our handwriting curriculum however, uses a very simple style of cursive, and she was finding all the fancy loops in the copywork confusing and frustrating. My sweet girl who had been so keen to start cursive this year, and so proud of her newly acquired skill, was reduced to tears over my simple request to complete a short page of copywork.

Enter Homeschool Copywork! When I was given the opportunity to review a Lifetime Membership to their site,  I was hopeful that it would work well for us! I was immediately impressed with the variety of resources available with the membership — there is so much more than just copywork worksheets! There is a large selection of copywork collections in a variety of themes including verses from scripture, poetry selections, composers, the Wright brothers, and John James Audubon. There are also notebooking pages, hymn studies, colouring pages, and artist study packages. These offerings could be useful for a variety of subject areas including art, science, nature study and of course language arts.

I’m pretty excited too, that this membership will provide me with resources to use with all my children, even as they grow and their needs and interests change. There are resources especially for the youngest students, right on through high school age. You can chose from print or cursive, as well as line styles and sizes for many of their options.

Character Building Copywork {Homeschool Copywork}

I started off by printing out the Character Building Copywork in the cursive option for my 8 year old, and the Animal Alphabet Copywork Pages for my 5 year old. And I was so pleased to not hear a word of complaint or frustration about the cursive pages! I honestly wouldn’t have noticed much of a difference between the fonts of these new pages and what we had tried previously, but my daughter found it so much easier to read and work with. She has since completed the Character Building set and is now doing some selections from the poetry sets.


Homeschool Copywork - a great resource for printable copywork, notebooking, colouring and artist study pages for preschool to highschool.

Both girls also enjoyed colouring the pictures to go along with the selections. And the Animal Alphabet pages were just enough to maintain the attention and engage my brand new writer with short selections such as “C is for cat”. Next up for her will be the Transportation Copywork.

Homeschool Copywork Animal Alphabet

The only thing I didn’t like about this resource is that I can’t preview each individual file before downloading– I would greatly prefer to be able to preview online, print the pages I want and maybe even not download the files at all, especially since I have the Lifetime Membership and would have no need to hang on the files myself. Since I like to keep my files all neat and tidy, I just deleted the files that didn’t suit immediately, or after printing the ones that I did want.

Overall, I think the Lifetime Membership to Homeschool Copywork is a great value for your money, and with the cost difference between the One Year Membership and the Lifetime being so slight ($29.95 vs $45.00), I wouldn’t even consider purchasing the lesser option. If you are at all interested, I would recommend signing up for the Free Membership and sampling what resources are available free of charge before committing to the payed membership.

Homeschool Copywork Review

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