I am more than a little bit pleased that “book” is among my current toddler’s first words – warms the heart of this book loving homeschool mama! And she’s such a lucky little girl to have two big sisters who are always happy to pull her onto their laps for a snuggle when she toddles over with one. These are the top picks for favourite board books among our collection:

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

This one is especially near and dear to my heart! My oldest daughter loved this as a toddler, and memorized it while she could barely talk. I have the cutest little video of her “reading” it to herself. My current toddler is forever bringing this book to us and sitting herself down on our laps (who could say no?) for a cuddle and a read. She’s just starting with the animal sound cuteness and is pointing to the animals and telling us what they say. Anything she doesn’t know apparently says “woof!” which is beyond adorable.



Goodnight Moon

 I didn’t actually like this book when I first read it and we didn’t own our own copy until Baby Sister came along but I have really come to appreciate the softness of the words and pictures. It currently sits beside the rocking chair and lamp in her bedroom and she points to it and says “book” whenever I sit there with her. And isn’t it just the best that “book” is one of her first words?! I love it!



Moo, Ba, La, La, La

 We have a small collection of Sandra Boynton books at our house, and they are all much loved by all our little people — grownups too! This one is a really great length for a busy young toddler who likes to bring books and sit in your lap but can only sit for few seconds and is wanting to turn the pages more than listen to the story. It has a cute little rhyme, and even my non-reader can “read” this to her sister without missing a word.



The Gruffalo

 This book is so cute and clever! My toddlers and preschoolers have all loved this one, and Mommy and Daddy find it entertaining too. It is really the perfect book for that age — it has repetition, animals, rhymes, and humour.




Guess How Much I Love You

This book is just so sweet. I’ve loved cuddling with all of my little ones and reading this, especially at bedtime. I am reminded however, of a funny exchange I had with Big Sister after reading this book for bedtime at the tender age of three:

“Mommy, which is farther? The moon, or the bottom of the ocean?”

“The moon, sweetie”.

“Well I love you to the bottom of the ocean, and Grandma to the moon”.

“Oh. Well, that’s nice I guess”.

“I love Daddy to the closet”.

Kids are pretty fickle, it’s best not to let your feelings get hurt too easily. At least I’m not Daddy!

What are your favourite board books?

Our Top 5 Favourite Board Books!


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