I’m a newbie when it comes to the world of podcasts.  Up until recently, my only experiences listening to podcasts had been a handful of unwilling exposures to my husband’s sports or political commentary subscriptions. But now that I’ve found my own subscriptions, I’m hooked! I have found them to an invaluable source of inspiration, encouragement, and practical help in mothering/teaching my children. I often listen while doing chores or driving in the car, and it is proving to be quite an effective method of “professional development” so to speak!

Read Aloud Revival

The Read Aloud Revival podcast was my introduction to the wonderful world of podcasts — there were probably about 20 episodes already released when I first found it, and I gobbled them all up as fast as I could. It is hosted by Sarah McKenzie of Amongst Lovely Things, one of my favourite blogs. She has had Andrew Pudewa, Jim Weiss, Julie Bogart,  Susan Weiss Bauer and so many more great guests! The goal of the podcast? To help you build your family culture around books, which is right up my alley! There is also a membership site, where all kinds of freebies are available as well as live author events and classes and a Facebook Group.

The Homeschool Snapshots

This is Pam Barnhill (of edsnapshots.com)’s podcast and it is also excellent. She interviews various real life and well known homeschoolers about topics relating to family and education. Her guests have included Jamie of The Unlikely Homeschooler, Kris Bales of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, Mystie Winkler of Simply Convivial, and Tsh Oxenreider of The Art of Simple.

Quiddity (CIRCE Institute Podcast Network)

The CIRCE  (Consulting and Integrated Resources in Classical Education) Institute produces several great podcasts. Quiddity is their original podcast, and features interviews and ideas of interest to Classical Educators. Guest include Andrew Kern, Andrew Pudewa, Sarah MacKenzie. The content of this podcast is really good, and requires some time for me to digest!

The Mason Jar (CIRCE Institute Podcast Network)

The Mason Jar is CIRCE’s newest podcast, featuring all things Charlotte Mason. This is a great podcast for you whether you are a Charlotte Mason or Classical homeschooler (or a little bit of both!). Hosts are David Kern and Cindy Rollins.

Your Morning Basket

Your Morning Basket is Pam Barnhill’s newest podcast, focusing on the homeschool practice of “morning time” or “circle time”. There is discussion of memorization, reading aloud, and rituals. So far, there have been interviews with Cindy Rollins, Christopher Perrin and Andrew Pudewa. Whether you have been doing some form of Morning Time all along, or are new to the practice, consider this podcast your guide and encouragement as you seek to begin each day with truth, beauty and goodness.

Have you been inspired by any podcasts lately?

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