I’m excited (and nervous) to announce that I’ve decided to accept 31 Days Challenge: a challenge to write every day during the month of October! This is a bit of a leap for me – as a beginning blogger I’ve struggled to publish new (and hopefully quality!) content on a weekly basis. I’m hoping this challenge will help me to get the juices flowing, connect with readers, and help me grow. I’d be pleased if you’d join me!

I’ve chosen the theme of 31 Days of Favourites, and I hope to share with you a sort of “Top 5” list each day in subjects you would expect to see here including those related to homeschooling, books, homemaking, and faith. I’d love it if you would share some things you think are pretty awesome too!

I’ll be linking up all my posts here, so check back often throughout¬†the Month of October!

  1. Favourite Homeschooling Books
  2. Favourite Slow Cooker Recipes
  3. Favourite Homeschooling Blogs
  4. Favourite Board Books
  5. Favourite Family Movies
  6. Favourite Podcasts for Kids
  7. Favourite Math Games for Young Children
  8. Favourite Podcasts (5 Great Podcasts for Classical Homeschoolers)
  9. Favourite Paper Dolls (sites for free printable paper dolls) AND $500 DAYSPRING GIVEAWAY!
  10. Favourite Reasons I Love Homeschooling!
  11. Favourite Reasons I Love Homeschooling (according to a third grader)
  12. Favourite Online Resources For Teaching Art


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