What subjects do you teach in your homeschool?

I’m willing to bet that Math and Language Arts are on the list, and probably Science and History too. You might even have Art, Music, and Bible included in your plans.

I don’t know about you, but my list of “to-do’s” each day keeps getting longer and longer! And yet I added yet another subject to our homeschool this year — cooking.

Adding Cooking to Your Homeschool Curriculum

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In the midst of all this busyness, why did I add yet another subject? Why bother teaching kids to cook?
  • For Health – involving kids in food preparation helps them learn to make good food choices now, and invests in their future health. How many young adults resort to living on boxed mac & cheese and cereal when they move out on their own? I know I did, and it set some pretty bad habits that have effected me negatively.
  • Independence – I’m always looking for ways to work myself out of a job! If my kids can learn to cook, then that’s one less thing I’ll have to do for them. Hey, maybe they will be able to do it for me!
  • Responsibility – I want to nurture a sense of responsibility in my kids. In our family, we believe that everyone plays a role in the running of the home. That’s why I train my kids from a young age to participate in household duties. Everyone can have a job!
  • It’s fun! – Don’t all kids want to help in the kitchen? I’ve never met a toddler who didn’t want to stir and get right in there! And wouldn’t it be so much better if your kids could actually be a help in the kitchen when they ask “can I help?”
Ok, so teaching kids to cook is important, but why add it to the official curriculum?

We’ve added learning to cook to our official homeschool curriculum simply to make sure it get’s done. We all know what it’s like to have high ideals, and to WANT to do something but not follow through. Or to start something only to find we haven’t been consistent or let it slide entirely. Using a pre made, organized curriculum simply makes it easy to get it done. I’m certainly not saying that you need to purchase any kind of program in order to give your children a solid education in cooking, but for me, it is a huge help and eliminates any possible excuses for neglecting this area.

We are currently using the Kids Cook Real Food e-Course, and I just love how easy it is to use. Video lessons for kids and parents, grocery lists, printables, and even a Facebook group for support! And it includes all my kids, even my two year old!

The Kid's Cook Real Food e-Course includes even my youngest children in our kitchen learning!

She actually peeled that carrot almost perfectly! And I love the look of concentration on her little face! My older kids are working together, helping each other, and learning so many skills that they have actually had the opportunity to use outside of our lesson time.

Including cooking in your homeschool curriculumUsing a prepared curriculum for teaching my kids to cook also helps me make sure that I am teaching them correctly. When I fist watched the  Kids Cook Real Food Knife Skills Video, I discovered that I have been handling my knife wrong my whole life! I’m so glad to have quality resources to help me do a thorough job of teaching my kids.
Knife skills - an essential component of our homeschool cooking curriculum!The curriculum also includes special terminology to help kids remember the techniques! In the picture above, my daughter is keeping her fingers safe with the “up and over, soldier!” position.

I’d like to encourage you, whether you decide to make it a formal course of study or not, to get into the kitchen with your kids — learn together and have fun while investing in their health and yours!

Adding Cooking to Your Homeschool Curriculum

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