It’s no secret that I love The Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s been a part of our family since my oldest was tiny, and her sisters are also growing up on these gentle, beautifully told Bible stories.  It was originally published the year my oldest was born, and I’m so glad that my children are a part of this generation of children who will grow up hearing the stories in God’s word told through Sally’s voice.

This year, The Jesus Storybook Bible is celebrating its 10th anniversary. These past 10 years have seen it translated into 31 languages, with over 2 million copies sold! It is also available in both audio and video formats, and even has a curriculum kit!

Our family has now enjoyed a total of 3 copies (one is now in tatters!) as well as the wonderfully narrated audiobook version with David Suchet. I’ve given it as a gift, used it to teach my preschool Sunday school class, and used it with my own children in our homeschool. We’re pretty much the biggest JSB & Sally Lloyd-Jones fans out there!Our Jesus Storybook Bible Collection. From tapped and tattered to the brand new Gift Edition, we love The Jesus Storybook Bible

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What’s so great about The Jesus Storybook Bible?

First of all, it’s beautifully written. Sally Lloyd-Jones is a wonderful storyteller — she weaves words into a beautiful tapestry. The Jesus Storybook Bible is enjoyable reading both for parents and children!

The illustrations also set it above other children’s Bibles (and much of today’s children’s literature period). Jago’s work is unique, vibrant,  expressive, and somewhat eccentric. We are big fans of his work! I found this short video with Jago, where he explains how the illustrations were created, and talks a bit about his experience working with Sally, and found it really interesting:

The greatest thing about The Jesus Storybook Bible though, is how rich it is. And while it is so theologically rich, it’s also written in language that is accessible to even the smallest of children. I believe that that is what makes this book so special — that it has the power to influence, and even change lives — both of children and adults. It is so completely Christ focussed. Every story is tied to The Saviour, and The Jesus Storybook Bible does a brilliant job of showing how Christ is, from the very beginning, the hero of God’s story. The book’s tagline, “every story whispers his name”, is exactly the whole point, message, and purpose of the book.

A few notes about the 10th anniversary Jesus Storybook Bible Gift Edition:

This new Gift Editon of The Jesus Storybook Bible is slightly larger than the previous two editions that we own. My kids are super happy with that because it means of course that the pictures are bigger! From my perspective, I like that it is larger because I think it makes the book more sturdy. It’s a pretty thick book at 351 pages, and I think that the larger size will better handle the stress of the three busy sets of hands it will face every day.

It also has a lovely, pale blue cloth-bound cover, and a ribbon bookmark. Our original JSB edition also had the ribbon bookmark, and my kids always liked it and thought it made their Bible more like mommy & daddy’s. I think that the cloth cover and ribbon give the book a higher quality, and more old-fashioned feel, which I like a lot.

The Jesus Storybook Bible makes a wonderful gift for a baby shower, or as a gift for a toddler or preschooler, and this particular edition even more so — it’s just so beautiful!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review. It is also worth noting that I have previously bought three copies of this book for my own children, as well as the audiobook CDs, and have given both as gifts.

Jesus Storybook Bible Printable Devotional Pages - 44 pages to coordinate with each chapter, complete with chapter headings, copywork Bible verses, and a place for your child to illustrate the Bible story himself!

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