Do you have a child who is reluctant to narrate? Maybe you’ve been hearing a lot of groans and sighs when you ask your child to narrate to you? Try this fun, printable, narration prompt cootie catcher! All the wonderful benefits of narration, but with a little bit of fun added to the mix!

Make narration fun with the Narration Cootie Catcher! This cootie catcher (also known as a fortune teller or finger puzzle) is full of narration prompts to help your reluctant narrator! Homeschool fun! #homeschool #printable #charlottemason

Narration is a cornerstone practice of classical & Charlotte Mason homeschool philosophies. It’s simple, powerful, and yes, sometimes it’s dull. At least sometimes our young learners think so.

This narration prompt cootie catcher was inspired by my own reluctant little narrator. She’s 7 years old and has been fascinated by cootie catchers since her older sister brought one home from the fall fair way back in September. She’s been asking me to make her one ever since!

My girl is loving her new narration cootie catcher. We’re using it for our daily narrations with Aesop’s for Children, which she now asks to do! Some days she even asks to use several prompts, which is unbelievable considering the struggles we were having a few short weeks ago.

Fun Narration Cootie Catcher for Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool -- Narration prompts to help you and your child

How to Assemble Your Narration Prompt Cootie Catcher:

  1.  Cut off the outer white area from your Narration Cootie Catcher and then turn your pattern over, facing down. Make narration fun with this printable narration prompt cootie catcher
  2.  Carefully fold all four corners into the centre, keeping your lines as even as possible.This printable narration prompt cootie catcher makes narration fun
  3.  Turn your Narration Cootie Catcher over again so that the large, coloured pictures are facing down.
  4. Fold the corners into the centre again, carefully creasing the edges and making a smaller square.
  5.  Fold the square in half making a crease, then unfold it. Then fold it the opposite way and make another crease.

How to Play & Narrate Using Your Narration Prompt Cootie Catcher:

  1. After reading your narration selection to your child, Insert your fingers into the underside of the cootie catcher and ask him to chose a picture (dragon, castle, ship or Red Riding Hood).
  2. Move the flaps in and out and side to side while counting the number on the picture square your child chose.
  3.  Open the cootie catcher to reveal the smaller, black numbers and ask your child to select another number. Count out the number and open the flaps in and out and side to side.
  4.  When you are done counting your first number, have your child chose another number.
  5. When finished counting your child’s second number, open the flap and read the narration prompt inside.

If your child is resisting or complaining about narrations, give this fun cootie catcher a try! The narration prompts will help you to stimulate your child, and the game will peak your child’s interest and motivate them with fun!

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