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It’s certainly no secret that I love Peace Hill Press and their products! We have been using their phonics primer since Big Sister was in Kindergarten, and their grammar, writing, and history curricula for three years and are very satisfied.

A key component of their grammar program, First Language Lessons, is poetry memorization. Being exposed to, and especially memorizing poetry helps to feed the mind with beautiful language. Children have a wonderful capacity for memorization! I’m constantly amazed at how quickly my children memorize scripture and poetry, and that Little Sister is memorizing most of her older sister’s selections passively without any effort or intention on my part.

I recently prepared some poetry printables for our Morning Time binders — and today I’m happy to be sharing them with you! If you are using FLL 3 or are looking for some poetry to memorize in your homeschool, download your own First Language Lessons Level 3 Poetry Printables by clicking the link or the image below.  Watch for upcoming posts sharing more about our Morning Time, Morning Time binders, basket,  and memorization in our homeschool!

Poetry Printables: Free poetry memorization printables for First Language Lessons Level 3 (FLL3)

You may also be interested in my Parts of Speech Printables, great for use with First Language Lessons 1,2 & 3, as well as my First Language Lessons Memory List Printables. All my other printables can be found on my Printables page.

Do you have any favourite sources for poetry memorization? I’d love to hear about it!

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