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With my second little learner just beginning to reach the incredibly exciting reading milestone, I’ve been trying to help build her pride and confidence as she acquires what is to her an extremely difficult skill. My first reader needed minimal encouragement in this area, and she learned to read quickly with no bumps or setbacks along the way. She has loved books since birth it seems. Her little sister has proven to be the polar opposite!

Learning to read has been HARD WORK both for her and for me! I’ve decided to help her celebrate her small successes by making a little reading log just for her — some cute pages to keep track of all the little books she has been able to read on her own.

Printable Reading Log - Owl themed reading logsDo you have a young reader who would be encouraged by keeping track of their reading? Download your own printable reading log!

Owl themed, printable reading log

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  1. Leanne @ Frenglish Learning May 14, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    Looks great! I started having my kids complete a reading log a few months ago for their French reading time and it’s helping. I also have them log what they read for their “required English reading” time when they have to choose from a bin of books that contains specific titles relating to what we’re studying. Sometimes I put classic literature in the bin as well. I don’t have them log all their English reading because I have enough trouble getting their noses out of books when it’s time to do other things. 🙂 Thanks for the printable!

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