We are finally into Story of the World Volume 4!

This is our fifth year with SOTW though, and while we LOVE it, we certainly aren’t speeding through it. I now have two students working together in our history studies, one of which was quite adamant that I make her another set of notebooking pages.

I’m a little bit nervous about starting this volume with my younger learner though. The content is presented in a much more matter of fact way than previous volumes. The Modern Age is a serious and heavy time period that seems like chapter after chapter of war.

I’m hoping that printing her up a set of her own pages like her older sister will get her excited about history!
Free, printable, Story of the World Volume 4 Notebooking Pages.

These notebooking pages each include:

  • chapter and subchapter headings
  • lined space for written narrations
  • a photo or graphic to coordinate with the chapter
  • a blank box for the child to illustrate their own page
    Story of the World Notebooking Pages - each page includes the chapter and subchapter headings, lined space for written narrations, a picture or graphic to co-ordinate with the chapter and a blank box for the child to illustrate the chapter themselves.

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