I’ve become quite the podcast enthusiast over the last few years. I love to have something to listen to while I’m driving to the grocery store, walking, or doing household chores. I’ve got all my favourites queued up on my iPod all ready to go!

Listening to podcasts can be a great way for homeschool moms (and dads!) to receive encouragement, inspiration, and engage in self-education. I like to call it professional development — which I’m convinced is so important for homeschool moms!

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Podcasts - there are over 100 podcasts on this list for homeschoolers of every stripe! Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unschooler, there's something for everyone!

The Ultimate List of Homeschool Podcasts. Podcasts for homeschoolers of every stripe, from classical to unschool, moms, dads & even homeschool kids!

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While I’ve been preaching the benefits podcasts for some time now and promoting this wonderful resource to homeschool moms, I had no idea just how extensive this resource was until I decided to put together a list of podcasts for homeschoolers. I was blown away! There are podcasts out there for every type of homeschooler, addressing a myriad of topics. There are even podcasts for homeschool kids!

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Podcasts

Today I’m sharing with you more than just a list homeschool podcasts, but a guide to help you navigate what’s available. I’ve categorized the list and provided a brief outline of each podcast and links either to the podcasts’ websites (if there is one) or iTunes to help you find podcasts that are right for you.

I do feel the need to offer this disclaimer — it’s probably pretty obvious that I haven’t listened to all the podcasts listed here myself. I can’t offer any kind of assurance as to the content, quality, or suitability of these podcasts for you or your family.

So grab your mp3 player or phone and a pair of headphones and check out all the wonderful resources that are at your fingertips (and FREE!) Here’s the list, enjoy!


Homeschool Podcasts for General Homeschool Encouragement & Help


Podcasts for General Homeschool Encouragement and Practical Help:

Not focused on any one homeschool style, stage, or topic, these podcasts offer something for everyone.

The Read-Aloud Revival – Sarah McKenzie is passionate about books and reading to children, and this podcast is so inspirational! It’s the podcast that helps you “build your family culture around books”.

The Simplified Organization Audio Blog  – Mystie Winkler is a reformed slob who blogs about organizing your life (homeschool included) by organizing your attitude and learning to love what must be done. These podcasts are short, sweet, and to the point — great for when you have limited listening time.

Homeschool Podcasts: Homeschooling in Real LifeHomeschooling in Real Life – Homeschool parents Kendra & Andy Fletcher dish about homeschooling and parenting with a good dose of humour.

At Home with Sally Clarkson & Friends – Sally Clarkson offers encouragement, wisdom, and insight to Christian mothers & homeschoolers from her experiences raising and homeschooling her own now grown children.

The Homeschool Solutions Show – Pam Barnhill produces these short audio blog podcasts that offer a variety of quality homeschool blog posts that you can listen to. Each one is read by the blogger who originally posted the article, and they are just the right length (less than 20 minutes) to keep your mind engaged while doing some of those mindless, household tasks. Some of my very favourite homeschool bloggers have been featured!

ED Snapshots – Pam Barnhill gives you a “peek into the lives of the homeschoolers next door”. She interviews homeschool moms (& one dad so far!) from a variety of backgrounds and family situations and discusses all things homeschool related. This podcast is no longer in production/has been merged with Pam’s Homeschool Solutions Show podcast listed above.

The Busy Mom – Heidi St. John discusses marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, discipleship, politics, and just about anything else.

The Storyformed Podcast –  This is Sarah Clarkson (Sally Clarkson’s daughter)’s podcast. Join Sarah (a homeschool graduate) and co-hosts Jaime & Holly (homeschool moms) as they celebrate the soul forming power of imagination, good books and beauty in the life of your child.

 Wild & Free – The official podcast of the Wild & Free community, hosted by Ainsley Arment and Tina Ingold.

Homeschool Podcasts - The Homeschool Sanity Show

The Homeschool Sanity Show –  Dr. Melanie Wilson is a psychologist, homeschool mom and blogger who offers homeschool advice, organizational challenges, and teaching tips.

Vintage Homeschool MomsFelice Gerwitz’s topics range from home education, child rearing, enterprising moms, SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), WAHM (Work at Home Moms), and more.

Homeschool Podcasts - Cultivating Grace

Cultivating Grace  – Lara Molettiere focuses on cultivating grace into the principles and practices of homeschooling and motherhood. Homeschool experts and mom mentors share encouragement, tackle questions about homeschooling methods and learning styles, and help you cultivate a home and mom-life filled with learning and love.

Homeschool Podcasts - The Crazy Real, Real Crazy Podcast

The Crazy Real, Real Crazy Podcast – Amy Dingmann encourages you and dishes about homeschooling, parenting, and life in her crazy real way.

Blog She SpokeHeather Woodie’s podcast for independent & authentic learning.

Flourish at Home -Mary Jo Tate is host to this podcast that is dedicated to helping you find peace in the space between the ideal and reality so you can stop struggling and start flourishing.Homeschool Podcasts - The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

The Homeschool Sisters Podcast – The Homeschool Sisters are Cait and Kara, and they chat about all things homeschool related.

Simply Joyful Podcast – Kristy Clover’s podcast where she get’s real and talks about the challenges that we face as women in our day-to-day lives. She and her guests discuss practical tips and “hacks” about how to find harmony in relationships, order in your home, and how to add a little good ol‘ fun to your week.

Raising Lifelong Learners with Colleen Kessler – This podcast is all about learning, exploring passions, cultivating creativity, and encouraging our kids to be fascinated by the world around them.

Joyfully Homeschooling – Misty Baily of Joy in the Journey is here to encourage and inspire you on your homeschool journey by providing practical tips for real life homeschooling. Through real stories, real struggles, and real life, Misty and her guests share how to embrace imperfection and strive for a more joyful homeschool.

The Simple Homeschool Podcast with Jamie Martin – Author and blogger Jamie Martin brings a quick dose of homeschooling inspiration, confidence, and freedom your way each week, helping you discover the unique style of home education that fits your unique family. 

Storyformed Podcast – The Storyformed Podcast celebrates the soul forming power of imagination, good books, and beauty in the life of your child.

Durenda Wilson The Unhurried Homeschooler‘s podcast!

Literary Cafe Podcast – Katie Glennon talks about language arts, literature, and writing. Walk away excited to try out tips and new ideas in your homeschool as she shares with you ways to study literature and enjoy reading and writing.

Homeschooling in the NorthwoodsAlisha & Amanda are two homeschooling moms who wanted to add a secular voice that could contribute to the discussions around homeschooling and life in the podcast world.

Snarky Homeschool Moms – Marci  (The Homeschool Scientist) and Aurie (Our Good Life) are two real-life moms who have given up on mastering this parenting thing and are now just concentrating on keeping everyone alive.

The End in Mind This podcast brings you fresh insight, information, and inspiration for intentionally living with the end in mind. Whether we are discussing homeschooling, parenting, fitness, organization, marriage, or cooking, each episode is carefully planned to encourage you to begin and end each area of your life with the end in mind.

Homeschool Unrefined – This podcast’s goal is to encourage, laugh, and get real about homeschool. Maren and Angela have a vision to create a community of homeschool parents who value low-stress, joyful, relational and child-centred learning.

Talking Mom 2 MomRachele and Lindsey discuss topics ranging from managing your home and homeschool with multiple ages, marriage over the years, raising Godly young girls and boys, leaning on the Lord at all times, and more.

Destination: Inspiration – This podcast isn’t currently in production, but you can listen to past episodes hosted by Jen Reyeri with the theme of living an authentic life of faith, freedom & adventure.

Homeschooling Co-op Style – This podcast isn’t currently in production, but you can listen to past episodes where Pat covers many questions that come up when looking at co-oping as a possibility for your homeschool.

The Homeschool Leadercast – Hosted by Jeremy Jesenovec, The Homeschool Leadercast has featured more than 100 speakers and leaders in the homeschool community who have shared their story, their message and their passion.

The End in Mind – Lori Lane provides insight, information, and inspiration for intentionally living with the end in mind. Topics covered range from homeschooling, parenting, fitness, organization, marriage, and cooking.

101 Homeschooling Ideas – Brian Ricks hosts this podcast for both the homeschool parent and student. It provides a little extra motivation, new ideas for learning activities, and help knowing how to get into college.

Christian Homeschool Moms Podcast – Demetria Zinga shares homeschool tips & interviews, product reviews, and inspirational helps for homeschooling moms of faith.

Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast – Tina Smith & Becky Tetrault produce a casual show about the day-to-day of homeschooling…in the trenches with us as we’re going through it. Reviews and recommendations, joys and sorrows, challenges and triumphs.

Teaching Your Child Homeschool Podcast – Nathan & Nicole Bills’ goal is to create lifelong learners that thrive in the modern world and fulfil their passions.all This podcast is all about Homeschooling and how you as parents and teachers can better teach your children.

The Happy Homeschool – A podcast for busy moms with happy homeschools.

From Broken to Blessing – Latoya Edwards is a single homeschooling mama who shares how God has redeemed and blessed her in the middle of being broken.

Learning to Speak Life Podcast – Michael & Carlie Kercheval. No longer in production, there are 11 episodes of this podcast focusing on the biblical truths surrounding the importance of speaking life-giving words no matter the circumstance.

The Sociable Homeschooler – Vivienne McNeny. Another podcast no longer being produced, there are 258 episodes available to keep you busy listening if you enjoy it.

Real Life at Home – Angie Kauffman shares helpful tips, advice, stories, and encouragement for real-life homeschooling, practical living, and authentic (sometimes domestically challenged) motherhood.

At Home – This podcast is a collection of conversations about mothering, home life and education. Join Greta Eskridge, Jennifer Dees, Brianne Buskey and Kristin Rogers as they discuss topics that range from lighthearted and fun to the heavier ones that include politics, faith and social issues.

Making Biblical Family Life Practical – Hal & Melanie Young of Raising Real Men help you get from principle to practice while you strive to serve God in every aspect of your family life.

Live without Training Wheels – This is the podcast of Lynna Sutherland of Homeschooling without Training Wheels. She helps you ditch what’s slowing you down (including other people’s opinions) and look to Jesus, homeschooling and parenting without training wheels!

Truth in the Trenches – Rebecca Spooner of Hip Homeschooling offers homeschool help, resources, encouragement, curriculum reviews and parenting advice.

Roadschool Moms – A weekly internet radio show featuring veteran homeschool moms Mary Beth Goff and Holly Giles. Mixed with a little grit and grace, they share their perspective on parenting and home education.

Vintage Homeschool Moms -Vintage Homeschool Moms  with Felice Gerwitz preserves the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first and using experience as a teacher

Finish Well – An internet radio show with homeschool parents Mike & Meredith Curtis who talk about real issues that teens face each day. They focus on growing in Christ together, preparing for life after graduation, and living lives that glorify Jesus

Canada Homeschools – Canada Homeschools is a podcast for Canadian home educators featuring interviews with homeschoolers just like you, resource and curriculum suppliers, group organizers and more. The host, Rowan Atkinson, has recently graduated from two decades of being a second-generation home educator. She is also the author of Headphone History, a Canadian audio history for children.

Mom to Mom Podcast – Join Kate Battistelli, September McCarthy, and Jamie Erickson–three generations of moms who have experienced nearly every season of motherhood. They don’t have all the answers, but you can be sure that they’ll always point you to the One who does.

Homeschool with Moxie – Homeschool mom and blogger Abby Banks helps homeschool moms embrace their journey as they find their groove. This podcast is about taking you from feeling overwhelmed to confident and inspired.

Called to Homeschool – Homeschool moms Karyn Tripp and Meg Thomas want to help you conquer your fears and see that you are the amazing homeschool mom you were called to be. They share their homeschool hacks, sanity tips, and lots of laughs while empowering you to be your best self, even while teaching math.

Schoolhouse Rocked – This podcast brings weekly conversations with today’s home education leaders — speakers, authors, activists, curriculum publishers — and families just like yours!

Homeschool Podcasts for Classical & Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers

Podcasts for Classical & Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers:

These podcasts will be of special interest to those whose homeschool style, methods, or philosophy of education leans towards the classical education and Charlotte Mason models.

The Classical Homeschool – Jennifer & Ashley wrestle through the sometimes difficult and philosophical ideas presented throughout the classical education movement and bring them down to earth, specifically and practically for the classical homeschooling mom.

Scholé Sisters – Mystie Winkler, Brandy Vencel, and Pam Barnhill chat about restful learning in the classical homeschool. I love their emphasis on self-education!

Homeschool Podcasts - Your Morning Basket

Your Morning Basket – Pam Barnhill and guests chat about the variety of ways you can bring truth, goodness, and beauty to your homeschool day through the practice of Morning Time.

The Simply Convivial Audio Blog – Mystie Winkler provides short and meaty focus sessions for the homeschool mom that make great listens when you want to keep your mind engaged while doing dinner prep or laundry.

AfterCast – Brandy Vencel’s podcast for the classical, Charlotte Mason mama.

The Mason Jar  – A podcast with Cindy Rollins & David Kern that is “all Charlotte Mason, all the time”.

Close Reads –  A podcast book club hosted by Angelina Stanford and Tim McIntosh.

The Commons – A podcast with Dr. Brian Phillips and guests featuring conversations on the lives and times of people worth imitating.

Ask Andrew – Andrew Kern answers your questions about Christian classical education.

A Perpetual Feast – Wes Callihan and Andrew Kern on Homer, Homer, and more Homer.

Quiddity – David Kern and guests discuss the ideas that make up classical education and western civilization.

A Delectable Education – If you’re just learning about Charlotte Mason or wanting to delve deeper into her method of education, this is a great place to start. Lot’s of practical help & suggestions as well as Q & A.

BiblioFiles – Andrew Adams and other CenterForLit staff embark on a quest to discover the Great Ideas of literature in books of every description: ancient classics to fresh bestsellers; epic poems to bedtime stories.

The Literary Life -Angelina Stanford and Cindy Rollins explore all aspects of a life cultivated by books and stories. Together they discuss what makes stories so powerful, how stories shape us as individuals and as a culture.

Homeschool Lesson Plan in 5 Minutes – Classical education coach, Diane Lockman inspires you in 5 minutes with a ‘done-for-you’ creative teaching idea.

Cultivating the Lovely – MacKenzie Monroe’s podcast is all about pouring the labour, care and study into the roles that God has given us as wives, moms, women, homemakers and His children.

Simply Charlotte Mason – Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason offers a new podcast or audio blog every week for encouragement and practical teaching tips to help you homeschool with the Charlotte Mason Method.

Classical Conversations Podcasts – Join Leigh Bortins and Matt Bianco as they interview classical education experts Wes Callihan, Andrew Kern, Christopher Perrin and more.

Un festin d’idées – A Charlotte Mason podcast (in French!) that explores CM principles and their application. And yes, I had to read their description and polish-up my long rusty French skills to be able to tell you about it!

Homeschool Podcasts - Unschooling

Podcasts for Unschoolers:

These podcasts will be of particular interest to unschoolers and those who are interested in child-directed learning.

Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids – Robyn’s podcast is a place to hear from others on similar journeys following their passions.  It’s a chance to learn from experts in the fields of education, learning and parenting. A place to be inspired, encouraged, build community and connect.

Exploring Unschooling – Explore unschooling with interviews, information, and inspiration with Pam Laricchia.

The Unschooling Life – Amy Child’s podcast is for people who think learning is a natural byproduct of being alive and being human, and for those who want to play in the real world and have more fun.

Stories of an Unschooling Family – Sue Elvis shares the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life.

Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids – A podcast that steps into alternative education, parenting, and living a fun, fuller life.

Homeschool Podcasts - Podcasts for Montessori & Waldorf Homeschoolers

Podcasts for Montessori & Waldorf Homeschoolers:

These podcasts will be of interest to those homeschoolers who follow a Montessori or Waldorf philosophy of education.

Montessori Moment – Learn about Montessori education and discover how you can apply Montessori principles at home with Liz Monsen.

Raising Playful Tots – This is the place where to find great people and ideas that make the most of simple play and simple parenting.

Baan Dek Montessori – Podcasts from Baan Dek Montessori, in Sioux Falls, SD. An incredible Montessori foundation for children and an inspirational resource for teachers and parents.

Waldorf Essentials –  Podcast with Melisa Neilsen of Waldorf Essentials, a Waldorf curriculum provider for homeschoolers.

A Waldorf Journey Podcast – Meredith is a trained and experienced Waldorf teacher who is passionate about sharing what she has learned on the journey. Featuring interviews, resource recommendations, tips and suggestions.

Homeschool Podcasts for Dads

Podcasts by or for Homeschool Dads:

Yes! Homeschooling fathers have podcasts too!

The Arts of Language – Andrew Pudewa of IEW hosts this weekly podcast to support teachers of writing composition.

The Wired Homeschool – John Wilkerson hosts this weekly podcast featuring tools and tips for using technology in your homeschool.

The Homeschool Leadercast -Hosted by Jeremy Jesenovec, The Homeschool Leadercast has featured more than 100 speakers and leaders in the homeschool community who have shared their story, their message and their passion.

The Family Man Show  – Todd Wilson is a homeschooling father who uses humour to remind dads of their most important job.

The Smiling Homeschooler – This is another of Todd Wilson’s podcasts. This one is for homeschool moms and promises you won’t’ feel discouraged or weighed down with guilt after listening. Instead, you’ll laugh, be renewed, and know that you’re not alone in your struggle to homeschool your kids.

Building Faith Families – This podcast with Steve Demme (the creator of Math-U-See) is NOT about math! Steve is not only a veteran homeschool dad, math teacher, and curriculum creator, but he also serves in ministry. This podcast focuses on building a Christian home on the principles of God’s word, with Christ as the cornerstone.

101 Homeschooling Ideas – Brian Ricks hosts this podcast for both the homeschool parent and student. It provides a little extra motivation, new ideas for learning activities, and help knowing how to get into college.

The Homeschool Dad Podcast – This podcast, by Rick Abbott, is old and no longer in production.

Homeschool Podcasts: Podcasts by Homeschool Curriculum Publishers

Podcasts by Homeschool Curriculum Publishers:

These podcasts are produced by curriculum providers and may be helpful to all homeschoolers, but especially to those who are using resources from these particular publishers.

A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief – Julie Bogart of Brave Writer provides conversations about how to bring learning to life for your kids.

The Arts of Language Podcast – Andrew Pudewa of IEW, this podcast supports teachers of writing composition. IEWs goal is to equip teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials which will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.

Waldorf Essentials – A podcast on Waldorf education at home, inner work & relationships.

Mr. D. Math & More – Dennis DiNoia of Mr. D. Math hosts this math-themed podcast.

Classical Conversations Podcast – Join Leigh Bortins and Matt Bianco as they interview classical education experts Wes Callihan, Andrew Kern, Christopher Perrin and more.

Let’s Talk Homeschool -Let’s Talk Homeschool is a podcast hosted by Davis and Rachael Carman of Apologia Educational Ministries. Homeschool parent’s of 7, of which five have graduated from their family homeschool and are in college or have already graduated.

Tips for Homeschool Science Show – Is science is one of the subjects you struggle with teaching in your homeschool? This podcast aims to take the complexities of teaching science and break those down into building blocks you can use in your homeschool. Join Paige Hudson, author of the Elemental Science programs and veteran homeschool mom.

Homeschool Podcasts: Podcasts for homeschooling art, music, tech & high school

Podcasts for Homeschooling Art, Music, Math, Tech & High School:

These podcasts are dedicated to specific topics/subjects.


Masterpiece Makers – This is the podcast of Alisha Gratehouse, the creator and artist behind Masterpiece Society and Masterpiece Society Studio art courses. Let your kids and teens learn about the different art eras and get to know some of the famous artists, by joining Alisha, and her daughter, Olivia, on a FUN, artsy tour across the centuries as they peek into the lives of some of the most creative minds of all time!

From Nana’s Back Porch – If you’ve done any video art lessons with Nana (Lucia Hames of Chalkpastel.com fame!) you know that she is passionate about helping you realize you ARE an artist! In this podcast, she chats about being an artist with chalk pastels, homeschooling, creative spaces, recipes, and more.

Art Made Easy – Patty Palmer is an elementary art teacher turned online art curriculum creator. She hosts this podcast dedicated to navigating the world of kid’s art.


Classics for Kids – Naomi Lewen brings classical music’s great composers to life through music and stories. Be sure to check out the website for lesson plans, worksheets and more!


The Wired Homeschool – John Wilkerson hosts this weekly podcast featuring tools and tips for using technology in your homeschool.

Homeschooling with Technology – Whether you love technology or are “tech-challenged” – the Homeschooling with Technology podcast is for you! This podcast will help you navigate it all so that you can be confident in Homeschooling with Technology.


Mr. D Math & More – Dennis DiNoia of Mr. D. Math hosts this math-themed podcast.


The Homeschool High School Podcast -Vicki Tillman, Sabrina Justison and Kym Smythe share You-CAN-Do-It Skills for homeschooling high school!

It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool High School – Join veteran homeschool mom and blogger Ann Karako as she shares tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you feel confident — and even successful! — homeschooling your high schooler. There will be interviews with experts in all aspects of this journey; plus, Ann shares successes, strategies, and struggles from her own experience homeschooling five teens.

Finish Well – An internet radio show with homeschool parents Mike & Meredith Curtis who talk about real issues that teens face each day. They focus on growing in Christ together, preparing for life after graduation, and living lives that glorify Jesus

Homeschool Podcasts - Podcasts are for kids too!


Podcasts for Homeschool Kids:

Homeschool kids can enjoy podcasts too! My kids love podcasts just about as much as their mama does. There are all kinds of podcasts, both educational and entertaining, available for children of all ages.

Melody, Mystery & Mayhem Podcast – This podcast is created by a homeschooling family, and is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. It includes missionary interviews, songs, chants, read-aloud stories, jokes, Ask the Pastor segments, along with several means for kids to participate!

Brains On! – Brains On! is a podcast featuring science and kids produced by American Public Media. Each episode is co-hosted by a different kid, exploring such questions as “why is the ocean salty?” and “how do elevators work?”.

Classics for Kids – Naomi Lewen brings classical music’s great composers to life through music and stories. Be sure to check out the website for lesson plans, worksheets and more!

Story Nory – The Story Nory website has hundreds of free stories you can listen to, from fairy tales and myths to original stories, classics, poetry, and everything in between. You can listen online, download, or subscribe via iTunes (or whatever podcast app you use).

Story Pirates – Story Pirates turns kids’ original stories into wild sketch comedy musicals featuring professional actors to show those kids just how amazing their ideas are.

The Show About Science – 6-year-old Nate is the host of this podcast about science.

Sparkle Stories – 1000 original stories available for $15/month. Some episodes are available for free. 

Astronomy Cast – Astronomy Cast takes a fact-based journey through the cosmos as it offers listeners weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology.

Barefoot Books Podcast – These classic children’s stories, fairy tales, poems and songs tap into the wisdom of many cultures, while never forgetting that childhood is a time for fun.

Aaron’s World – An imaginative science podcast for kids exploring the pre-historic world.

Adventures in Odyssey – Produced by Focus on the Family, these audio dramas have been around for quite a while, and are now available for online streaming on their website, as a podcast, or for purchase on CD. Membership in the Adventures in Odyssey Club is also available, which includes unlimited episode streaming and all the newest episodes.

Paws & Tales – Geared for younger kids than the Adventures in Odyssey audience, this podcast, produced by Insight for Living, aims to capture the hearts of kids through characters they love and situations they can relate to.

Tumble-Science Podcast for Kids – Exploring stories of scientific discovery, Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family.
Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher).

But Why? – This podcast is for curious kids,  and kids can submit their own questions! But Why tackles topics large and small, about nature, words, and more.

Nature Kids Radio -This podcast is completely dedicated to reconnecting kids, families and the entire human species with the wonders of nature!

BBC’s Listen & Play – This podcast includes familiar songs, rhymes, stories and sound discrimination games.

Stuff You Missed in History Class – Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.com.

Book Club for Kids – The Book Club for Kids is a podcast where young readers meet to talk about a book. The show includes a celebrity reading from the book and the author joins us in to answer your questions.

The Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd – This family-friendly new twist on “old time radio” features the adventures and exploits of the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist, Dr. Floyd! Join Dr. Floyd as he tries to thwart the plans of his evil arch-nemesis, Dr. Steve, all the while learning about the people and events that shaped the history of the Earth.

Fallacy Friday – A series by Matthew Flannagan dealing with critical thinking, logic, and fallacies.

Science Friday NPR – Covering the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes in our bodies, Science Friday is the source for entertaining and educational stories about science, technology, and other cool stuff.

High Five French – This podcast for young learners is part of the High Five French course from Radio Lingua Network. The full course, which includes videos, activity, and notes for parents, is available for purchase.

Coffee Break French/Spanish/Italian/German/Chinese These podcasts are part of the Coffee Break Languages courses available from Radio Lingua Network and are free. Full course material can be purchased.

Your Story Hour – This podcast began back in the 1940s as a weekly library story hour turned radio show. It features exciting stories from the Bible and from true to life situations.

Phew! There are well over 100 podcasts on this list! Did I miss one? Leave a comment below and share with us which podcasts you listen to and love, and let me know if I’ve missed any so I can keep this list updated as a resource for all homeschoolers!

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The Ultimate Guide to Podcasts for Homeschoolers

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