One of my children’s favourite things to do is to imagine that they are the characters in the stories we read. When learning about ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, I would often find them designating someone (or a doll or action figure) to be god or goddess of this or that. One day, they reenacted the Exodus using all of their dolls (the Israelites were strangely all female).   Often, they are living in pioneer days and my coffee table becomes their covered wagon. Sometimes they become talking animals.

Book Themed Gift Ideas for Bringing Stories to Life through Play #homeschool #giftideas #christmas

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Bringing Stories to Life Through Play

I love watching my children play! And while I love to see them running, building, and playing board games, I especially love observing them lost in a fantasy world of imaginative play.

One thing in particular that warms my heart about this particular type of play is that it enables my children to become a part of the stories they love. And it is so encouraging to me to see how all the beautiful stories they hear or read are feeding their imaginations, and that the stories are making an impact in their lives long after the final chapter is read.

Here is my list of recommendations for book-themed toys:


1. Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs are a great building toy, but they are also great for imagining yourself into pioneer days. My kids were obsessed with building and playing Little House in the Big Woods after we enjoyed the story together.





2. Paper Dolls

My girls absolutely LOVE paper dolls. A few years ago I found these free printable history-themed dolls, and my girls were hooked. There are so many wonderful options available! They loved the Little House dolls pictured here, but I was also pleased to discover that Dover publishes Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and a set of other Storybook Characters paper dolls.



3. Calico Critters

These adorable animal characters are available as bunnies, cats, mice, chipmunks and more, including the adorable little hedgehogs pictured here.Your children can play Tom Kitten, Mrs. Tiggywiggle and more while they enter into the magical world of Beatrix Potter or Brambly Hedge!


 4. Playmobil

There are so many sets available to coordinate with your kids favourite stories! Pirates, knights, princesses, one-room schoolhouses, farms, and more!




5. Dolls

My oldest was given a beautiful American Girl doll who came with her very own story, but dolls of all kinds are great for experiencing stories through play. Maplelea has this wonderful Anne of Green Gables Outfit that fits their own or any 18-inch doll. Simple rag dolls are perfect for playing Mary & Laura.



 6. Costumes

This is my favourite type of play! I love how my kids become fully immersed in their storybook world by dressing up and actually being the characters themselves! They can become a knight, princess, cowboy, and more!

While there are so many commercial costumes available, they are totally unnecessary — often costumes can be thrown together using scarves, old sheets, aprons, or other things you already have. A cardboard sword is sufficient for slaying imaginary dragons!


Which toys do your children play with when entering the fantasy world of their favourite stories?

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