Today, I’m excited to be sharing with you about two projects I have been working on! The first is a free, 80 page printable, and the second is my  brand new newsletter – more on that later.

Do you use Story of the World in your homeschool? We are now on our third year of using Story of the World, and we LOVE it! It is so well written, engaging, and has been a great education for both my children and myself! Our history lessons have always included discussion and narration of the material, and my daughter now enjoys looking over her history notebook and reviewing all that she has learned.

For the first two years, I wrote her narrations  down for her and then had her illustrate them. She used to be quite resistant to writing, and I’m so glad that I a) didn’t require her to write much (and thus quench her love for the subject) and b) wrote her narrations down for her so that she could re-read them. She truly loves history, and is so much more knowledgable than I ever was (and maybe even am)!

But as she is increasing in skill and maturity, I have been gently urging her on to more independence in her work — and she has recently taken over writing her own narrations, without a word of complaint! She’s quite pleased with these narration pages I created for her, and thinks they are a great improvement on the plain lined paper we were using previously.
Story of the World Volume 3 Notebooking Pages. Get your free, 80 page download!

Story of the World Volume 3 Notebooking Pages. Get your free, 80 page download!

Would you like to download your own Story of the World Volume 3 Notebooking pages for FREE?

Story of the World Volume 3 Notebooking Pages. Free, downloadable notebooking pages for SOTW 3: Early Modern Times

Each page contains the chapter title, section headline, an illustration (painting/sketch/photograph), a lined area for your student to write a short narration, and a blank box for him to draw his own illustration.

Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times Notebooking Pages are now available in my Subscriber Only Library — free as a thank you to my newsletter subscribers.  Enter your email address into the box below to receive access!


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